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pete cashmore mashable

Making mountains out of Men

I watched this interview with Pete Cashmore a while back where he talks about Mashable in the early days and how social media has changed the way we do business and publish. The Early Days You needed a lot of cash to publish – that’s

best w3 total cache settings

W3 Total Cache for Dummies

I installed the excellent W3 Total Cache plugin on one of my sites recently. The plugin increases the speed of your site, indirectly helping SEO. I wouldn’t recommend it for sites that are on Shared Hosting though. Installation The installation of the plugin is fairly


Why you should take advantage of New Media

Life is about taking that risk. If you’ve been an active internet user during the last ten years, and you haven’t taken advantage of new media – then it’s time to start now. New Media Ten years back, Facebook was just a domain. Eight years


How to get 100 million Likes on Facebook in 6 years

Shakira recently landed herself a 100 million likes on Facebook. The pop star has been on Facebook since 2008. Here are three things you can learn from her: Intimacy Facebook is a conversation. Even as a business you’re trying to strike up a conversation with


Professional Commenters, wanted

I watched this movie a while back which chronicled the life of a “professional wailer”. These are people who are called to funerals just to sit and wail at the “loss” of the dearly departed. I recently came across another company whose marketing material read


Social Media and SEO: The Missing Link?

Google Page Rank is all that really matters to a website owner. If he has a good page rank, he will turn up for search queries on Google, and therefore get business. What is Google Page Rank? Back in the days when Google first began