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recent trends in social media marketing

5 social media marketing trends for 2014

I know it’s a little late in the year to be writing social media marketing trends for 2014. But, keep in mind that these are just predictions based on what we’ve observed over the last eight months. Hiring Hiring is the bane of all organizations.

disadvantages of social media in business

Don’t waste your time with social media

The title can be a bit misleading. Here are 3 pitfalls/disadvantages of social media that you should beaware of before you get down to it: Spending Too Less There’s no point getting on to social media and spending less than you would to wash your

best three seo articles 2014

Weekly Recap : Our best three articles for Seo

Long Tail SEO for Dummies Understanding this could be the key to your SEO strategy of the future. The Story I’d like to explain this in the form of a story. Once there was a man who had a business. He was in the business

social media optimization

3 social media optimization tips that you shouldn’t ignore

It’s becoming cool to use the word “social media optimization” instead of “social media marketing” these days. This is probably a spin-off from the days of Search Engine Optimization Facebook Usernames Facebook allows your Facebook Pages to have usernames. This means that instead of “”


The idiot’s guide to writing the right title

This is a memo sent by Cristina Everett to her reporters at the New York Daily News: From: Everett, Cristina Date: August 12, 2014 at 5:33:00 PM EDT To: WebEditors Subject: ENTERTAINMENT handoff! NOTES ON ROBIN WILLIAMS STORIES/HEDES!! Thank you to everyone who did a


The Demand-Supply Equation for Recruiters

I have written earlier about how you can estimate demand from Facebook and Google for a particular product or service. Here’s a short article on Demand-Supply Economics for Recruiters, written with Talent Acquisition in mind. High Demand and Low Supply This means that there is

facebook news feed

All your content is jammed together on Facebook; and that’s okay

Take sometime to look through your Facebook News feed; you’ll read stories from major news publications and inane status updates from your friends; all in one undulating flow. The Newsfeed Experience It maybe hard to believe, but Facebook didn’t always have the Newsfeed. In the


The Seemingly Harmless Google+ Page

When Google first launched Google+, the obvious move for businesses was to Sign up, en masse. When an internet giant like The Goog does something, you can be sure that there will be more to it than meets the eye. Not a Social Network Google+


The twenty minutes a day that will save you a million dollars

It is not un-common to find me sitting by myself staring away into space. During these times, I’m usually thinking about what’s for lunch. Sometimes, though – I go out there and save myself a million dollars. The Four Hour Work Week I followed all