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Think big, even when you’re very small on social media

This piece is about the need to make your social media sustainable, and to think long term, always. Number of posts Don’t do too many stories in a week. I know that some people are fond of updating Facebook Pages several times a day, but

social media marketing new articles 2014

Weekly recap:our three best articles on social media marketing

Have you ever had an ad follow you on Facebook? Retargeting  helps brands track, and follow  their customers – wherever they  go..[Read more] Can I trust you? It seems Like everybody’s got a social media company these days. All of them are called similar things


How to make your social media less about you, and more about them – increasing interaction

Likes are a big deal at first. But once you’ve seen the first ten thousand of them, you’ve seen them all. The next stage is to get more comments and interactions for you content. Keep these three simple tips in mind: Question Tags Question tags

how to add negative keywords in adwords campaign

The importance of Negative Keywords in optimizing your Adwords campaign

It’s an often overlooked part of Google Adwords campaigns – but ultimately a very important  one. The basic logic is this – you don’t want people who run random searches to find your ad and click on it. Negative Keywords Keywords represent the building blocks


Setting up Twitter Cards for Dummies

Twitter can be really confusing for the average Joe. There’s a lot that’s different from regular old Facebook – and Twitter prides itself in being for the more “tech” inclined audiences. Twitter Cards Twitter cards are additional pieces of information that show beneath your Tweet.


Weekly recap: our three best articles on social media marketing

The #1 Reason Indians fail at Social Media Marketing We spend very little on online advertising.  I’ve seen businesses lay out a 1,000,000 USD quarterly advertising budget. A major portion of that goes to Print and Video. 200 USD of that goes to Social Media.


Generating a trackable QR code for your offline marketing using Google Analytics

In all this hue and cry about ROI and tracking online marketing, lets not forget that at some point of time, people will want to track offline marketing as well. It’s payback time. Build your URL First, take the landing page that you want to


The unmatchable skill of getting Facebook Likes for Less

Everybody wants to know how to cut costs. If one person can get you “relevant” likes on Facebook for 1 USD a Like and the other can get it for .50 USD a Like, which one would you choose? Audience Your audience must be relatively

Offline Social Media Company

The Offline Social Media Company

This is a piece on how you can make your company “social” – online and offline. Referral Your best source of new customers and business is your existing customer. You’ve spent 10 USD in customer acquisition. You’ve gained 20 USD in customer revenue from that