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Contact Form 7 isn’t really a good idea, switch to Jetpack Contact Forms fo your website

Believe it or not, a contact form is a big deal. MOst devs add Captcha to Contact forms.

While Captcha is a good way to prevent spam, it often times frustrates actual humans trying to reach you. Let’s just say that there are better ways to do it

Contact Form 7

We had Contact Form 7 running on one of our websites (this one) for a few months. While contact forms were a little clunky to set up, in that you needed to create them in one place and then add them in another place – the actual process of creation was sufficiently detail oriented for me. The problem comes when you want to store the entires. And there’s a terrible problem in Spam.

Jetpack Contact Forms

In order to set these up, you will need to add the Jetpack plugin to your WordPress site. You will then need to head over to your Post, Page (Make sure you’ve activated Contact Form Module) and click on Add Contact Form. Fill out the fields and the type of data that you need – you can also play around with the arrangement. At the top of the popup there’s a tab marked for Notifications. This is something that a lot of people miss. You can  customize the subject line of the form as well as the people to whom the notification email should be sent on submission. Make sure you have Akismet installed on the site to protect against spam. YOu can choose to pay for Akismet or not depending on the sort of person you are.

Things to avoid

Captcha isn’t really a good option as I’ve already mentioned. The field arrangement and number of fields is also an important factor. People don’t like filling out forms that are too complicated. Do not ask for sensitive information in the form, as email really isn’t secure. Most people don’t have a website, and a lot of  them, at least in India, don’t check their email – even if they will provide it to you if you ask them. It’s also good practice to place the form at a few places on your landing page, and contantly remind people to fill it up.


Contact forms are a very important part of your sales strategy, and it’s important to add the form to your site, and make sure someone actually checks the emails that get generated on form submission. Check your spam.


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