Facebook’s future ad dollars will come from Search ads – Here’s why

Facebook has been the second most successful digital advertising company of all time. Google has enjoyed the number one spot for a bit too long

The proponents of Facebook advertising tell you that Google doesn’t know its users by name. To which, Google created a mobile operating system and got a billion users on it. The proponents of Google advertising tell you that Facebook ads don’t work as well, because Google ads reach users when they need the business the most. To solve this problem, Facebook will in the next few months launch search.

Step 1

Facebook Pages was definitely step one of the game. These became centre points for all a business’s activities on the social network. Pages soon became more and more advanced with pictures, text, videos, apps, tabs, games nd then…

Step 2

Instant articles are definitely step two.  Businesses have invested a lot of money into Pages, and there was a friction between users clicking on the link and going to a business’s site. So Facebook decided that they would bring the Mountain to Mohammad – they imported the content, hosted it on their servers and served it to their users instantly. To sweeten the deal, they allowed businesses to count the users of their content…through Google analytics.

Instant Commerce

Businesses can now upload products with pricing and pictures to Facebook as Products. Products have descriptions. When products are clicked, a message is sent to the Business Page. Facebook will most probably roll out a payment solution so people can pay within Facebook. The next step is obviously


People look at the omnipresent search bar on Facebook, they enter the name of a product, or of a search term, like “Flats in Chennai”? And then a search ad appears, along with all the other “organic” Instant article/product results. SEO is born on the social network.

It’s only a matter of time.



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