Generate a Youtube URL that gives users a pop-up promting them to subscribe to your chennal

Youtube is growing it’s reach. You should be too.

Even in the era of Facebook Video, and virtually every known platform now making a push for video, Youtube still dominates this space because of its amazing ecosystem and sheer scale.


Youtube Channel

It’s best to set up a Youtube Channel and link it up with your Google+ Page to get started. The second thing is to flesh out the Channel by having a cover photo, description and links to your important assets loike website,¬† social media and so on.

Channel Trailer

A Channel trailer is where you want to go to next, create a short¬† video (about 1 minute max) that explains what people can expect by subscribing to your channel. Then go over to your Youtube Settings, at the top right, and make that Video your Channel trailer. You can verify this by going to View Channel and checking if the video comes up for “Non Subscribers of your Channel”.

Subscribe Popup

While you’re on your Channel, go to the URL bar and copy the URL to your clipboard. Then paste it into a word document and add the following to the end of the URL


So your finished URL should look something like this:

Note: Do not forget to replace the Channel ID above with your own.

Where to put this URL

YOu can add this at the beginning of all your Video descriptions with a Call To Action, like Subscribe to our Channel by clicking here.

Happy Vlogging.




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