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How to deactivate a WordPress Plugin immediately without access to the WP Admin

There will be times when your Wp admin is slow/unresponsive due to a plugin gone rogue. At these times you need the fastest way to deactivate the Plugin/all plugins so that you can go in and fix the problem


This Tutorial¬† assumes you have access to FTP and PHPmyAdmin of your website. If you don’t have this, I highly suggest you get them immediately.


FTP Method

Login to your FTP Client.

GO to the Wp-content folder

Go to the Plugins Folder

Find the Plugin you think is most likely causing the problem, and rename the folder

That’s it, you’re done.

If you have a caching solution in place, you may want to restart the server stack via SSH.

Database Method

Use the PHPmyadmin web interface to connect to the Database.

Look for the wp_options table in your Database

Look for the Active_plugins row, and reset it.

All your plugins will now be deactivated, and you can login and activate one by one till you hit on the problem.

Both of these methods above do work and have saved me a lot of frustration in times of need. Keep in mind that if you follow the Method 1 above, when you login to WP, it will show you an alert asking you to look at the plugin since it could not be activated (because the plugin files were missing)

Do NOT go to the Plugins Manager and Delete the plugin that you just renamed.

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